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There are many ways you could invest in marketing. We’ve identified over 73 different tactics you could choose. Add to that new marketing methods and growth opportunities emerging all the time, it can be hard to stay on track and know where to focus your attention and money.

No more random acts of marketing

Luminous Marketing was founded to help businesses eliminate and avoid random acts of marketing.

Random acts of marketing are those activities that turn up in a business because they seemed a good idea at the time but usually don’t have a clear strategy behind them. They’re not measured for their return to the business and it’s hard to see their impact on revenue or profit. They consume time and energy and deliver little in return.

It’s not about tactics. It’s about strategy and great execution.

When you work with us we make sure that your marketing investments are considered and deliberate. They are backed by a strategy that’s clear about who your customers are and the journey they go on as they decide to buy from you.

We’ve developed the Luminous Marketing Accelerator which focuses on four key areas to create the impact you need from your marketing.

B2B specialists that know your space

We specialise in B2B so you can be sure that you’ll be working with people who understand your business and your customers. We have decades of experience working with small and large B2B businesses. We get results by being clear about what is going to make a difference to you and what isn’t.

Our team consists of a network of specialist marketing professionals spanning all areas of marketing, providing expertise as and when required.

Our Founder: Maria Cameron

Maria is a former marketing director for FTSE 100 firms, Vodafone and BT. She has spent more than 20 years in marketing as a leader and practitioner. She is a business-to-business (B2B) specialist and a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Since founding Luminous in 2019 she has been helping businesses create bigger outcomes and impact from their marketing.

Throughout her career, Maria has placed emphasis on developing people she has worked with. Maria mentors young people starting their marketing careers and champions diversity and inclusion in the marketing industry.

Let’s get started

Whether you’d like help putting together a marketing plan or are wondering if you’re spending your marketing budget effectively, we can help. Luminous’ approach combines ideas, insight and best practice with practical action to achieve your outcomes.

Our marketing consultancy services and outsourced marketing director services are designed specifically for business owners and leaders.

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What makes us tick

Luminous Marketing has 5 core values which underpin everything we do.


Take action

Continuously move forward, innovate and improve. Outcomes and impact over activity


Do right

Be honest, open, ethical, genuine and kind


Do it really well

Be passionate about delivering high quality work for our clients


Do our part

Pay it forward and make a difference to the lives of others. Minimise our negative impact on the environment


Enjoy the journey

Have fun and be adventurous, pursue growth and learning

Let’s get started

Working with us means supporting others

We believe in doing work which leads to outcomes and impact.

Enabling you to achieve your goals is at the heart of our business. It also enables us to help others.

We connect our business to The UN Sustainable Development Goals. These 17 interlinked global goals are designed to be a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

Luminous Marketing partners with ‘Business for Good B1G1’. When you work with us, we will help someone in need by donating to one of our chosen projects across the world through B1G1, which helps us contribute towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Give Pyjamas to Children in Emergency Care

48,000 children require emergency accommodation in the UK each year. They often have to leave home quickly, without the chance to
collect basic items. These children arrive in emergency accommodation with just the clothes they are wearing. The Buddy Bag Foundation supplies backpacks with essential items children need, including new pyjamas.

Provide Hygiene Kits to Girls

Many women and girls living in poverty in Kenya cannot afford to purchase sanitary pads, and so use unsanitary and unhygienic materials. Many girls will stay home from school because they are embarrassed to attend lessons, missing a week of school every month. These kits provide hygiene, comfort, and access to education.

Help a Survivor of Violence to Start a Business

The costs and consequences of violence against women last for generations. This project in Kenya provides a Rescue and Recovery Centre for survivors which is a safe space where they can recover. Here they are taught business skills and given start-up assistance to run profitable small businesses. With your help, they can change their lives.

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