Executive Marketing Coach

Peer support and advice to equip you to navigate your challenges

Are you feeling the pressure to deliver results and make smart choices?

People are looking to you for answers: your team, senior management, sales. You feel the weight of that responsibility and you want to be sure of yourself and your team.

As a marketing leader you have significant decisions to make and challenging results to deliver. You want to be certain that you have fully explored all the options and chosen the best route forward.

Luminous’ executive marketing coaching programme pairs you up with an experienced CMO who will help you think through your choices and options, ask the questions you need to ask and get you to the results you seek.

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Have confidence in your decisions and increase your influence

Get confidential, knowledgeable support and advice to know that you are on the right track, help you assess situations, and develop new ideas.

Your executive marketing coach will work through strategies with you and reduce risk in the key decisions you have to make. They will help you see challenges and opportunities from different angles.

Your work together will save you time researching and weighing up options independently, so that you can act more quickly.


Topics you could work on with your marketing coach

Your team model and structure

Alignment within your organisation

Marketing strategy

Customer engagement

Ways of working

Workload prioritisation

Processes and systems


The topic is up to you and you will come to each session knowing we are on your side. Your coach will provide honest and candid advice, and, together you will plot your course of action.

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Pair-up with an experienced marketing leader

I’ve been working in marketing as a leader and practitioner for more than 20 years and I’m a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

I’ve also been in your shoes. I’ve led very large marketing teams for top global brands. I now work with marketing leaders to help them grow their confidence in the decisions they have to make and increase the influence they have.

In a complex and fragmented world, I know marketing leaders benefit from an outside view and additional support. Through our work together you will get improved results and be the best you can be.

Bring decades of experience of working in senior management positions delivering marketing across a range of B2B industries including telecoms, technology, software, financial services, and engineering.

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Executive Marketing Coach

How we work together

At the start of our partnership, we will hold an initial strategy session where we will plan out our time together, understand your priorities and set goals. We will also cover key points around confidentiality and other matters relating to the success of our work together.

Each month we will meet virtually for the agreed number of strategy sessions. The agenda for these sessions is set by you.

You can also support your team’s development

You can choose for your team members to also be part of the coaching programme. This additional service can help accelerate implementation of initiatives within your organisation and also contribute to the development of key talent in your team.

Good things take time

Personal development is an ongoing process, as is building a relationship. Coaching packages are a minimum of 3 months so that you and your coach can dig into what is happening, reflect on your work, test out ideas and refine your approach. You can prioritise what you want to work on and tackle new issues together as they arise. Many of our clients prefer to commit to 6 months and to recognise this we offer a 15% discount.

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