Luminous Marketing Accelerator

A proven method for delivering results

Avoid random acts of marketing

We’ve identified 73 different marketing tactics you could be using right now. That’s 73 ways to reach your customers and spend your marketing budget. It’s no wonder random acts of marketing are so common.

It’s not about tactics. It’s about strategy and execution.

We’ve developed the Luminous Marketing Accelerator to pinpoint exactly the right strategy for you and then create a plan that delivers results. We don’t focus on a single tactic or solution. We look at your business and team holistically to identify the best way forward. We use our method to optimise marketing in your business and make sure it delivers the results you need.

Our method is based on decades of experience working with a large number of B2B clients. You can be sure that you are working with a proven approach that delivers results.

The Luminous Marketing Accelerator

Purpose and mission

A clear purpose and mission to propel the business forward by having more loyal customers, more engaged employees and ultimately make more money

Spotlight on the team

The right people, with the right skills doing the right roles to deliver your marketing strategy

Master the mechanics

Streamlining how marketing happens in the business and becoming agile to deal with change

Magnify the outcomes

A set of actionable metrics that identify where and how outcomes are created. An appetite for testing and experimentation to constantly evolve

Purpose, team, process and results

Our four-part process is a flexible way to optimise your team, marketing processes and focus on measurable results, not activity.

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